Milestone Events

Milestone Event - 2020

The Compassionate I : Personal Images of Loss & Healing

This exhibition features eight photographs engaging the broad themes of loss and healing. A whole range of loss affects the human condition. Loss of loved ones, loss of home, ability, identity, and so on. With loss comes different modes of healing.

There is no correct response to loss, nor right way to go about healing – it is very individual and personal. Images are an interpretation of loss and healing and captured by a compassionate eye / I.

Special thanks to Patterson Brands and River Market for supporting this exhibition.

Milestone Event - 2019

LitFest: Compassion through sharing stories of loss, grief and healing

The Arts Council of New Westminster and the New West Hospice Society partnered with Darychuk Law QC to present a short story competition with the goal to make New Westminster a compassionate city where conversations and messages about loss and healing are normal.

For the most part, our community is death-denying and this competition aimed to create a dialogue that encourages individuals to share their stories and journeys on these issues. The intention was to galvanize the community to share stories that investigate the personal journey we all make through life, until our deaths. LitFest New West aims to be a festival that features a variety of literary arts by a wide range of artists from the Metro Vancouver region. The festival aims to reflect both the cultural and artistic diversity of contemporary art and to serve as an educational forum for the citizens of New Westminster and surrounding communities.

First Prize Recipients

About Lit Fest

LitFest New West is New Westminster’s annual literary arts festival. Originally started in 2009 as The Royal City Book Festival, LitFest celebrates the written word. Presented by The Arts Council of New Westminster, Royal City Literary Arts Society, New Westminster Public Library and New West Writers, LitFest New West features readings, interviews, workshops, performances, talks, and poetry for the enjoyment of readers and writers alike.

For more information about LitFest New West, visit

Milestone Event - 2021

Grief & Gratitude

Community partners sharing their experiences with Grief & Gratitude.

Raquel - Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services

Peter Julian – MP

Jonathan Cote – Mayor

Lauren - Westminster House

Kane Tse - Health Sciences Association of BC

Jennifer Whiteside – MLA

Jacqueline - Empty Cradle Society

Evelyn - Purpose Society for Youth and Families

Christina - Mental Health Research Canada

Photo Gallery

Milestone Event - 2022

A Dialogue on Death and Dying

A Dialogue on Death and Dying was held to normalize the conversations in our community about the totally natural human events that are kept far too secret in our Western culture: Death and Dying.

This event featured a variety of events held over four days:

  • Nov 2, 2022 – Dialogue on Death & Dying – POETRY NIGHT
  • Nov 3, 2022 – Dialogue on Death & Dying – PEACH NIGHT
  • Nov 4, 2022 – Dialogue on Death & Dying – PERFORMANCE NIGHT
  • Nov 5, 2022 – Dialogue on Death & Dying – PROSE NIGHT

Dr. Dosani speaks at Dialogue on Death & Dying Event