Active Membership:

  • A Person who is 19 years of age or older; and is interested in
    advancing the purposes and supporting the activities of the Society. Or
  • An Organization that may be interested in advancing the purposes and supporting the activities of the Society.

Honorary Membership:

  • A person, designated by the Board, who has made an outstanding contribution to the Society, to hospice and palliative care services in British Columbia, or both.
  • The Board determines the term of the designation up to and including the lifetime of the Person.
  • Honorary Members are required to update their information online or by contacting the Society directly. Fees are waived for Honorary Members.

Become a Member:

Charter Members

The New West Hospice Society would like to acknowledge and thank our Charter members! These 50 members were the original purchasers of a membership each to raise funds for stamps, paper, printer ink, and so on. The funds helped us build a solid foundation so that our organization could thrive and grow.