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Compassionate Communities

The New West Hospice Society is adopting the Compassionate City Charter, which is a framework to address 13 social changes/sectors to normalize dying, death and loss. The Charter invites the City to adopt policies that empowers people and families at end-of-life, and encourages collaborations between many municipal sectors:

  • support policies for schools, workplaces, trade unions, churches/temples, hospices/nursing homes, museums/arts initiatives, institutions for the homeless
  • host an annual peacetime memorial parade and an annual short story/arts competition
  • celebrate and highlight compassionate organizations
  • showcase our local government policies, services, funding opportunities, partnerships, and public events
  • demonstrate an understanding of how diversity shapes the experience of ageing, dying, death, loss and care

Being a Compassionate City will change how we act and what we we believe to be true by encouraging people and organizations to talk about dying, death and loss. Everyone becomes a compassionate neighbour, knowing what to do and what to say to those that are experiencing end-of-life. We envision a city with open dialogue in coffee shops & schools and caring for our neighbours when they need it.

“Compassionate communities are an expression of shared values and fundamental ethical attitudes, such as empathy, mindfulness, attentiveness, respect and solidarity in human existence.”

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