Charter Members2019-04-13T20:56:43-07:00

The New West Hospice Society would like to acknowledge and thank our Charter members! These 50 members were the original purchasers of a membership each to raise funds for stamps, paper, printer ink, and so on. The funds helped us build a solid foundation so that our organization could thrive and grow.

Stacy Ashton
Joan Basic
Dr. Sarah Beasleigh
Gail Beau
Judy Berlin
Frances Blake
Joelle Bradley
Jonina Campbell
Dr. Charlie Chen
Alix Cote
Jonathan Cote
Judy Darcy
Dale Darychuk
Tracy Darychuk
Antigone Dixon-Warren
Brian Dodd
Diane Doyle
Andrea Estill
Bryan Estill
Catherine Ham
Tim Hicks
Tara Jewer
Jean Johnson
John Johnson
Kay Johnson
Wendy Johnson
Patrick Johnstone
Peter Julian
Betty Kasteel
Dorrit Klarke
Robert Logan
Franci Louann
Jaimie McEvoy
Betty McGee
Robyn McGuinness
Jenn April Matich
Karl Moser
Brock Nicholson
Yukiko Nicholson
Leslie Sayer
Marcella Schmidt
Julia Schoennagel
Sylva Sievers
Hayley Sinclair
Joan Taylor
Carolyn Unsworth
Christopher Walks
Barb Webster
Mariann Will
Vivan Wong