The New West Hospice Society is dedicated to building a grassroots hospice initiative from the community level up, based on the Compassionate City model. Founded in 2016, a major underlying purpose of the New West Hospice Society is to acknowledge and affirm that dying, death and grief are natural parts of the life-cycle. The overarching mission of the NWHS is to provide services and to facilitate processes for those in New Westminster experiencing end-of-life and bereavement. We envision a city in which dying, death and bereavement are normalized and where community bonds enable each other to live to their fullest in their communities during illness and dying, and through bereavement.

We aim to achieve this our mission and vision through a commitment to adopt the tasks of the Compassionate City Charter and by using a neighbour helping neighbour approach with partner organizations to support those at end-of-life to live as fully and comfortably as possible in locations that are conducive and appropriate.

Our Board members are highly experienced and educated people who personally espouse the concepts of treating your neighbours, friends, and families with kindness and respect. We see what is happening in the world today and are committed to helping to make the world a better place in some small way. We chose a community development approach to starting our organization based on these tenets.

Read our strategic plan here.


Our mission is to promote and affirm that dying, death and grief are part of life across the life span.


We will work to build a community where death is no longer hidden or whispered about; where people know what to say and do to be supportive; where residents can die with dignity; and family and friends can grieve well.


Compassion Community Innovation

Board of Directors

Jason CampbellPresident
Jason is a mission-driven Senior Executive with 14 years proven success leading non-profit organizations. He has extensive experience on provincial and national management teams with specialities in Human Resources, Board & Committee Development, Strategic Planning, Event Management, Donor Development, Volunteer Engagement, Service Program Development, Financial Reporting & Forecasting.
Kay Johnson, MA, former RNPast President
Kay is a founding member and President of the inaugural New West Hospice Society. She is a former Registered Nurse in palliative care and psychiatry. She has previously been a Hospice Society Executive Director and Director of a provincial bereavement program. Kay is passionate about working toward making New Westminster a “Compassionate City,” where death is no longer taboo, people know what to say and do, residents can die with dignity, and family members and friends can grieve well.
Dr. Wendy JohnsonVice-President
Wendy is a New West Hospice Society founding member and inaugural board director. She is a former teacher, principal, school trustee and School Board Chair. Wendy is passionate about bringing discussions about death/grief into the classroom and wants to normalize the conversation about dying, death and grief in schools.
Brock Nicholson, BA, Dip (Gero), CPGVice-President
Brock is a founding member and inaugural New West Hospice Society director. He has over 12 years’ experience as a program & volunteer coordinator, trainer, researcher, & manager with hospice societies, health authorities, & universities. Brock currently works on the leadership teams of two long-term care homes and sits on the Gerontology Program Advisory Committee at Langara College and the CHPCA’s Volunteer Champions Committee. Having experienced devastating parental loss as a teenager, Brock is (com)passionate about making the end-of-life journey better for all people.
Cheryl GreenhalghTreasurer
Cheryl has 30+ years working on a hospital based health care team (Interventional Radiology) with palliative patients as part of her work experience. Cheryl also has experience with a variety of boards and governance structures and a realization that we can do much better serving people with their end of life needs.
Vanessa Woznow, MASecretary
Vanessa joined the New Westminster Hospice Society in 2018. She is a Senior Communications Consultant with Fraser Health, overseeing the Authority’s primary care portfolio. She was a caregiver for her mother and is a member of New Westminster Hospice’s ‘Compassionate City Crew’. She believes in the power of storytelling and shared experiences to help de-stigmatize discussions around dying, death, grief and loss.
Leslie RogersDirector
Leslie joined the New West Hospice Society board in 2019. Over the past 30+ years she has worked in community development, research and public consultation across a range of fields, including health care. From 2012 through 2017 she was a project leader for the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice, working with family physicians, specialists and the community to improve access to specialist care and to promote advance care planning. She is currently manager of the Royal Columbian Hospital Medical Staff Association, which represents more than 400 local specialist physicians. Leslie understands how grassroots groups effect powerful, lasting change, and is eager to contribute to the remarkable work of NW Hospice!
Michael ScalesDirector
Michael recently retired from 45 years of helping students with disabilities from Grade 4 to College. In his retirement, he decided to give back to his community and to learn some new skills. As a result, he has joined the New West Hospice Society Board to share his experience in countless meetings in the school system and training in conflict mediation at the Justice Institute.
Dianne SimpsonDirector
Dianne has had over 30 years’ experience in Health Care as a Recreation Therapist working in Mental Health and Addiction, Corrections and Older Adults. For the past 17 years, she has worked at the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation which provides Residential Care and a Day Health Clinical Program for those affected by HIV/Aids. Dianne’s role as Recreation Therapist included developing the Day Health program to include Art Therapy, Acupuncture, Massage to provide clients choices in their health care. As the Coordinator of the Day Health program, her responsibilities expanded to include Staff orientation, budgeting, and inter-department communications. Currently she is semi-retired and continues to work as Casual Recreation Therapist a few days a month. Through her experience at the Dr. Peter Centre she has seen a growing need for hospice support, addressing dying with dignity, and support for a grieving community – issues that are still not spoken of often. Dianne has called New Westminster her home for over 60 years now and is looking forward to giving back to the community by supporting the New Westminster Hospice Society and the development of New Westminster as a Compassionate Community.

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