We are a Compassionate City


Our mission is to promote and affirm that dying, death and grief are part of life across the life span.




We will work to build a community where death is no longer hidden or whispered about; where people know what to say and do to be supportive; where residents can die with dignity; and family and friends can grieve well.

United we Make a Difference

Bills' Story

This short video illustrates the essence of our Values, Mission, and Vision and inspired the incorporation of the New West Hospice Society.
Do you enjoy talking with people and helping where you can? Have you ever thought about volunteering to support people at end of life? If this is something that is of interest to you, find out more here.
What we believe in

The overarching mission of the NWHS is to provide services and to facilitate processes for those in New Westminster experiencing end-of-life and bereavement.

We envision a city in which dying, death and bereavement are normalized and where community bonds enable each other to live to their fullest in their communities during illness and dying, and through bereavement.